Earn Up To $147 Depositing $1 in Betterment Through Rakuten!

Tips & Tricks Feb 13, 2021

UPDATE 2/24/2021: Deal is dead! Follow and enable notifications on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so you don't miss out on future deals!

UPDATE 2/22/2021: Rewards posted in my account!

For a limited time, Betterment is offering $127.50 cashback or 12,750 Amex MR points by signing up and depositing $1 into your account via Rakuten. If you do not yet have an account, you can sign up using link below to earn an additional $20 or 2,000 Amex MR points! For more information and steps to do this, continue reading...

What is Betterment?

Betterment is a tech-driven financial app helping you work towards achieving your goals and building financial wealth! It has 4 main features:

Spend: No-fee Checking account with FDIC insurance, debit card, and ATM + foreign transaction fee reimbursements.

Save: FDIC-insured Savings account. Current 0.4% APY is NOT competitive, check out previous post on best high-yield savings accounts.

Invest: Good for low-balance investors who want a more hands-off approach. However, does come with a small fee for assets under their management.

Retire: Ability to open Traditional, Roth, SEP IRAs and 401(k) plans.


Note: Since I already have preferred providers for many of Betterment's offerings, I do not use it as my main investment vehicle. The main goal is to get the generous Rakuten-linked signup offer.

Steps to Follow:

1. Go to Rakuten.com if you have an existing account, or sign up here using my referral link and get an additional $20 after your first purchase!

2. Search for "Betterment"

3. Click on "Shop Now" button. Temporarily turn off any Adblock software to ensure your signup tracks correctly.

4. Sign up and deposit at least $1 into the Betterment Checking account

After deposit has cleared, you should see the cashback or points awarded in your Rakuten account. If you have a linked Amex MR earning card, you will be earning Amex points (I value at 2cpp, so this bonus is roughly worth $300+). Otherwise, you will earn cashback which is paid out every quarter. For more information, see previous post on Rakuten:

How to Up Your Cashback Game with Rakuten
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