In 2020, I launched CreditFred.com driven by a hobby that had been brewing since my school days—an addiction-level enthusiasm for credit cards and travel. Stuck at home amid a global pandemic, I decided to start documenting my credit card journey and past travels.

Like countless others, I once held the common belief that opening more credit cards would be detrimental to my credit score and dismissed the promises of free travel as mere scams perpetuated by influencers. However, through my own experiences, I discovered the transformative power of using credit cards as strategic tools. I realized that, when used correctly, credit cards have the potential to unlock a world of adventures and significantly enhance one’s quality of life.

As I became the go-to person among friends and family for credit card advice, I decided to launch CreditFred.com, aiming to share my insights with a broader audience and help others embark on their own journey to financial freedom and exciting travel opportunities.

Traveling the world in first & business class using points!

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