Additional Resources

I started from scratch just a little over two years ago. I begun first by reading blog posts about how people can travel for free, but always thinking "I probably can't do this". Then, I started watching YouTube videos and joining Facebook interest groups, learning more and more every day. If you want to learn more, here are some of the resources I respect and recommend:

AskSebby - Sebby's Youtube channel was what initially got me into credit cards! Covers everything from the basics to advanced topics. My personal favorite credit card YouTuber!
YouTube | Instagram | Website


Doctor of Credit - Probably the most unbiased up-to-date site on everything credit cards, personal finance, travel-hacking. My personal favorite!

Prince of Travel - Who knew my friend from elementary school would grow up to become a top credit card gurus and travel blogger? Follow if you are interested in top-notch reviews on flights, hotels, and credit cards. Note: his target audience is mainly the Canadian market, although many tips & tricks can be applied worldwide.
Website | Youtube | Instagram

Brian Jung - Up-and-coming entrepreneur & credit card expert. Great Youtube channel start learning about credit cards!

One Mile at a Time - Travel blog with regularly updated reviews on credit cards, flights, and hotels

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