Referrals Links & Free Stuff

This page contain some of my favorite credit cards, investing apps, shopping cashback portals, and more! Consider using my referral link if it provides any benefit to you and if you wish to support this site!

Please remember to do your own research and consult a professional (I am not one) if needed before making any decision!

Credit Cards

Below are some of my favorite credit cards. A few things to note:

  • [referral] = will link to my personal referral. Since links become invalid from time to time, please send me a DM via Instagram @thecreditfred if you need a link!
  • [public] = no referral available, this will direct you to the public page
  • Chase usually has better/best offers via referrals, though for Amex, it varies based on a number of factors such as referral vs. public, incognito, geographic location, website sessions, etc.

* denotes CreditFred Top Picks


  • *BILT rewards (pay rent with credit card, no fees!) - (review) - [referral]


American Express

Capital One



  • Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red - [public]

Beginner / Credit Builders


Robinhood [referral]

Use my link to get a free stock!

Public [referral]

Get a free stock in a company of YOUR choice using my link!

MooMoo [referral]

Get free stocks!

WeBull [referral]

Deposit $100 and get 2 free stocks valued up to $1850!


Cash App by Square [referral] - Get started with free $5 using my link!

  • Venmo-like app to send money between friends
  • Easily invest in stocks (support stock slices too!) or even crypto!
  • Comes with debit card with targeted "boosts" (e.g. 15% off DoorDash, 10% off Groceries, etc)

Rakuten [referral] - earn extra cashback on your shopping, get $30 after spending $30+ using my link! Check out my article about it here!

PFS Buyers Club [referral] - Help buy coins on behalf of this org and hit minimum spend fast. More info here.

Free Food

DoorDash [referral] - get $30 off ($10 off each of first 3 orders) using my link!

UberEats [referral] - Get $20 off after ordering $25+ when signing up using my link!

Instacart [referral] - Get $10 off your first grocery delivery order using my link!

Seated [use referral or code fred67] - All where you earn 20-30%+ cashback on every meal. Use my link to get started with $10-30 after your first meal!