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This page contains resources to all the financial services and apps that can complement your credit card game. Consider using my referral link if it provides benefit to you and if you wish to support this site!

Credit Cards

For credit card reviews, tops picks, and referral links, visit this page:

Top Picks
Below are some of my favorite credit cards, apps, and services I recommend. A few things to note: * [referral] = will link to my personal referral, if you use these thank you for the support! * [public] = no referral available, this will direct you to the public page * They are not ranked as…

High-Yield Savings Accounts

One Finance [review] [referral]

3% APY on 10% of your paycheck, 1% APY on up to $25,000!

Yotta Savings [review] [referral]

Lottery-like savings account, get started with 100 free tickets by using my link! Check out AskSebby's video about it here!


Robinhood [review] [referral]

Use my link to get a free stock!

Public [review] [referral]

Get a free stock in a company of YOUR choice using my link!

WeBull [review] [referral]

Deposit $100 and get 2 free stocks valued up to $1850!


Coinbase [review] [referral]

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more (not including fees) using my link!

BlockFi [review] [referral]

Earn $10 in bitcoin after depositing $100 using link above or code 2ecdf12b!

Gemini [review] [referral]

Earn $10 in bitcoin after you buy or sell $100!


Cash App by Square [referral] - Get started with free $5 using my link!

  • Venmo-like app to send money between friends
  • Easily invest in stocks (support stock slices too!) or even crypto!
  • Comes with debit card with targeted "boosts" (e.g. 15% off DoorDash, 10% off Groceries, etc)

Rakuten [referral] - earn extra cashback on your shopping, get $30 after spending $30+ using my link! Check out my article about it here!

Plastiq [referral] - pay (almost) any bills with your credit card! Get 1000 fee-free-dollars to get started using referral link or code: 901505

PFS Buyers Club [referral] - Help buy coins on behalf of this org and hit minimum spend fast. More info here.

Free Food

DoorDash [referral] - get $30 off ($10 off each of first 3 orders) using my link!

UberEats [referral] - Get $20 off after ordering $25+ when signing up using my link!

Instacart [referral] - Get $10 off your first grocery delivery order using my link!

Additional Resources

Check out blogs, YouTubers, and credit card experts I follow here!

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