2021: End-of-Year Recap

2021: End-of-Year Recap

As the comes to an end, here's a recap of some key topics I've covered in case you have missed them.

Be sure to do your own research as there is no one size fits all and you should make sure the product works for you before jumping in.

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1. Ditch your 0.01% APY Savings Account, start saving 1-3%!

If there is cash you want to keep on the sidelines, you might as well earn good interest for them. Check out some of my favorites, and read my full review for the detailed comparison.

  • One Finance  - (3%* APY on 10% of your paycheck, 1% everything else. use link for +$50 signup bonus, FDIC-insured)
  • Yotta (lottery-based savings, 0.20% base rate + 1-4%* APY, use link to get 100 free tickets to start, FDIC-insured)
  • BlockFi (up to 10%* APY interest when kept as stablecoin, NOT FDIC-insured, use at your own risk. Use link at earn $10 in BTC after depositing $100+)

*Note: Rates may change at any time.

2. Get must-have cards

These are the no-brainer cards I can absolutely recommend to (virtually) anyone. Check out my detailed reviews for more details:

  • Capital One Venture X [review] - most amazing card of the year (imo), plus over $1000 in value in the first year
  • Chase Freedom Flex [review] - take advantage of PayPal 5x quarter (until dec) and $200 signup bonus.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited [review] - $200 easy bonus

Before you begin your credit card journey, I highly recommend checking out my Get Started page, which includes a short Beginner's Guide!

3. Maximize return on your holiday shoppings

If you are going to spend, might as well earn some cashback or miles for them. Here's how to best do that:

  • How to use shopping portals to get multiple cash-backs [article]
  • How to use Rakuten [article] + get $30 bonus after first purchase
  • Ways to maximize Amazon purchase [article]

4. Protect yourself against the unexpected

Accidents and other unforeseen circumstances may happen, and your credit card might actually have a solution to your problems:

  • Purchase Protection [article] - get reimbursed if your item is lost/stolen/damaged
  • Return Protection [article] - get reimbursed if merchant denies your return
  • Extended Warranty [article] - extend the warranty of your product
  • Delayed/Lost Luggage [article] - get reimbursed if this happens to you
  • Rental Car Protection - use card like CSR or Venture X to have this covered

5. Invest, invest, invest!

Even with the recent volatility in the markets, both crypto and stocks have performed amazing this year. Check out these articles to get started:

  • 5 tips for beginner investors [article]
  • Get started with free stocks with these apps [article]
  • Crypto beginner's guide [article]
  • Earn free coins with Coinbase earn [article]
  • BlockFi crypto rewards credit card [article]
  • Save for retirement (I use Schwab and Fidelity and love them!) - check out this Investopedia article on Roth IRA, and if you are high income, you really should look into Backdoor Roth! Strongly recommend doing this before year end!

6. Treat yourself to a vacation

Here are some ideas for what you can do with your points/miles:

  • Incredible Places You Can Book Using Hyatt Points [article]
  • Hotel-Hopping in Hawaii Using Points [article]
  • How I Flew EVA Air Business Class for $50 Roundtrip [article]

7. Misc tips & tricks

  • Ways to hit minimum spend [article]
  • How to waive your annual fees [article]
  • How to keep your miles from expiring [article]
  • Best (and worst) ways to use your points [Amex] [Chase]